Drink & Fisa

22 Marzo 2018
Tenute Tonalini 1865

Tenute Tonalini 1865 – Montù Beccaria (PV)
Wednesday, March 28th, 2018, 18.30

Drink & Fisa

Aperitif in Music

by the producers of
Accordion from Stradella and Tenute Tonalini 1865

Aperitif with music in the evocative setting of Tenute Tonalini 1865.

Among the protagonists of the event, a parterre de rois of accordionists such as Giuseppe Spinelli, Daniele Carabetta and the Russian Alexey Khromov.

Free participation

Booking: eventi@tenutetonalini1865.com (names and emails of the participants)

Limited seats