Cantina Storica di Montù Beccaria


Tomaso is the first member of the Tonalini family to purchase vineyards, launching the history of “Tenute Tonalini 1865”. He was born in Lodi and inherited from his father a tavern with a stall and a staging post. He regularly used to go to Montù Beccaria with his cart to buy the best wine for his customers, until he decided to radically change his life and after selling the tavern, he bought a farm with a farmhouse and an annexed dwelling in the district of Montù Beccaria in the town of Torrino. These are the first vineyards of the estate and here Tomaso decided to transfer his family, involving it in his project of becoming a grape grower and wine producer.


Tomaso’s business works very good and the family grows as well. In particular, Oreste, one of his children, shares with his father the intent to establish the Montù Beccaria Wine Cooperative, along with 52 other wine growers of Montù and with the guidance of Senator Luigi Montemartini. The project, which soon had a great success and gained important awards in Italy and abroad, gives Oreste and his son Emilio the opportunity to enlarge the property thanks to the proceeds of the grape donation at the Montù Beccaria Wine Cooperative.


While Emilio is dedicated to the family business, his son Franco devoted his time to legal studies and although he started his notary career, his father’s illness led him to change direction. The management of the company passed into his hands and, favored by the ancestral passion of the Tonalinis towards the vineyards, he tried his best to modernize and develop it.


As often happens, even the best enterprises can come to an end. The Montù Beccaria Wine Cooperative closed down its activity. Fabio, Franco’s son, who had already took over his father in the management of the Estates, together with another family of winegrowers, bought the Enopolio headquarters of the Montù Beccaria Wine Cooperative, and began a radical renovation. This is how the “Historical Winery of Montù Beccaria “ was launched.


The renovation works were completed, and the first harvest was celebrated. Preserved in its fascination as an example of industrial architecture of the early twentieth century, the cellar was provided with the most modern equipment and a distillery for the production of grappa. In the following years it became the reference cellar of the area.


Davide Nespoli, emerging oenologist, after years of experience in important Italian and international wine cellars, joins the company with Fabio Tonalini, assuming the company’s technical supervision and bringing new ideas into the production.



Fabio and Davide took the decision to put together their ideas and experience to produce a high quality wine line with the name Tenute Tonalini 1865, brand reserved for products intended for customers who are able to appreciate the best of Italian wine. By using the best grapes of Tenute Tonalini that stretch for more than 70 hectares, Davide creates excellent wines and sparkling wines, exalted by the refinement in the appropriate underground rooms that are the foundations of the Montù Beccaria Historical Winery. Fabio dedicates himself to commercial work and with great energy meets customers from all over the world who are curious to know the uniqueness of Tenute Tonalini 1865